Recordopbrengst Fundraising Dinner 2019

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The core mission of the Friends of University College Roosevelt foundation is to support talented and ambitious students from outside of the EU; bright young adults who can benefit from financial assistance in order to access the opportunities generated by University College Roosevelt.

The Friends of UCR help in two ways:

  • Provide interest-free loans with extended grace periods;
  • Support for special projects contributing to the continuity of UCR and special educational activities beyond UCR’s regular funding;

A small financial investment in a motivated young person at the right time makes a major difference for the students' future and for society as a whole. As a Friend of UCR, you contribute to – and share in the benefits of – UCR’s continuous development as a center of excellent undergraduate education, the gateway of inspiration from Middelburg to the rest of the world.

"Thank you for your continuous support!"
-Erisa Nuku, Albania-

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Stichting Friends of UCR
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