About us

The Friends of UCR is an independent foundation, associated with University College Roosevelt. It was founded in 2012 and is governed by a board consisting of UCR representatives, key sponsors of the foundation and UCR alumni.

The core mission of the Friends of University College Roosevelt foundation is to support talented and ambitious students from outside of the EU. Bright young adults who can benefit from financial assistance in order to access the opportunities generated by University College Roosevelt.

The support of the foundation is twofold:
- Provide interest-free loans with extended grace periods;
- Support for special projects contributing to the continuity of UCR and special educational activities beyond UCR’s regular funding.

A sustainable investment in the future
One should not underestimate the impact that a couple thousand euros can have for a young person with ambition and that’s why we provide interest-free loans. Loans that will be returned a number of years after graduation, when they have started their careers and are financially independent. This system allows for a gradually growing fund that will be able to support generations to come. 

A responsible choice
The Friends of UCR welcomes donations from individuals as well as companies. The foundation has the special ANBI status due to its central goal to provide support to the common good. The ANBI status means that donations can be deducted from income and corporate income tax.

About UCR

August 2004 marked the start of a unique academic initiative. An international liberal arts and sciences college was established in Middelburg, under the auspices of Utrecht University.

UCR in a nutshell
The college provides an English-taught, challenging Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Sciences program. This is combined with a lively campus life offering a range of cultural, sports and social activities coordinated by the students themselves.

University College Roosevelt, formally Roosevelt Academy, established itself as a prestigious and high quality educational institution, bringing a new dynamic to Zeeland’s capital, opening doors for its graduates in master’s and PhD programs at some of the world’s most prestigious universities.

UCR’s main purpose is not to pick and educate excellent students, but to produce excellent graduates, thanks to an environment that motivates students and faculty to get the very best out of themselves.

Quick facts:
82% of the students who start UCR complete the program (national average 46%)
95% of the graduates complete UCR within 3 years (national average 26%)
93% of the graduates would choose UCR again if given the choice.

Does this seem like a sound investment to you? 

The Friends of UCR Board

Supervisory board

Chair: Eric Loontjens
John Anthonisse
Hein van Ameijden
Mary Linn Schnitger 
Jorrit Snijder


Chair: Guy Thoms  (UCR alumnus)
Secretary: Marieke van de Laar (UCR alumna)
Treasurer: Pieter van Namen
Board member: Nicolas Castellon (alumnus)
Board member: Lisette Joziasse
Board member: Joris den Ouden (alumnus)

Board members are entitled to receive reasonable compensation for the costs they have made in the execution of their function. Board members do not receive any renumeration for their activities.

Patron & Ambassadors

Herman Wijffels 

Hans Adriaansens
Harald Bergmann
Bert van den Brink
Barbara Oomen
Jacqueline Wentink
Karla Peijs