A message from Erisa Nuku

Dear Friends of UCR,

I am having a great fourth semester at UCR. Currently, I am taking three law courses and a politics course which I enjoy very much. A lot has happened in these past months but the highlight has been a trip to the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg with my General Theories of Law class taught by Dean Oomen. It was a really interesting experience because it is one thing to learn about a specific issue or case in theory and quite another thing to experience it first-hand. We heard a case called Jaloud v Netherlands, and we were able to meet with the lawyers representing both the Dutch government and the applicant. I really learned a lot, and I certainly hope to be able to do an internship at the European Court of Human Rights in the future. Other than that, I am working very hard and trying to make the best out of my time at UCR. Thank you for your continuous support!

Erisa Nuku

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